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6 Explanations Why You Have The nature of the Candidate Is Shy Successful People

Still remember how uncomfortable it feels when it comes to making a presentation in front of the class? When conducting a job interview, or when it comes to a friends birthday party and got to meet a lot of people who do not you know?

Yes, simple moments that could be a big problem for you who have shyness. Despite having shyness is actually very reasonable, many believe that there are a variety of negative consequences thereof.

"Shy attitude can get you away from the good things in life," - C. Barr Taylor, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University.
However, Taylor also appeared to reveal another fact: shy attitude is not always result in negative or harmful. In fact, this shy attitude can help a person achieve success. The following are things that prove that you have a shy nature it can be a successful person!

1. People who Shy Will Many Think Before Deciding Something. Acted recklessly Absence in Dictionary Them.
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People with shyness tend much thought. They usually are often silent and do afterthought. According to Taylor, this practice does not mean bad. Just because they are accustomed to think, they are not necessarily minimal act. But, this could be a good habit when they are faced with a case or issue.

Usually when the workload piled up, someone will force yourself to think fast and act immediately in order to quickly finish your job. However, they are not going to be shy panic like it. The reason, any action or decision taken must pass through the process of careful thought. They will be well to weigh and think hard before making a decision.

Taylor also explained the difference between those who are thinkers and the mere thought of excessive aka overthinking. People with a shy character and thinkers tend to quiet moment will do something because usually he has really thought previously. Meanwhile, someone who overthinking also be thinking, but without any real action to realize what he had in mind.

Imagine: if you were running your own business, not every breakthrough was going to do it should be thought through? Is not it a habit to think and act in real is a powerful way to develop the company?

2. The Shy That usually sensitive. They will be watching and Rewarding What Happened in Area.
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People with minimal talking generally shy character. They more often choose to remain silent when his friends laugh. However, this attitude does not necessarily prove that you are shy have a weak position in a social environment. Silence does not mean do not know anything or do not care. Choose silence it makes it more sensitive, sensitive, and intelligent analyze the circumstances surrounding it.

According to research at Southern Illinois University, shy people are generally minimal speech has a better ability to analyze the facial expressions of the people around him. This capability will be very useful when you have a shy character position as a leader. Typically, you will be able to stay calm and remain sensitive to oversee the performance of subordinates.

Is there a subordinate who diligently worked but not satisfied with their own performance? Or was there that his staff had not been maximized while in office as difficult to manage its own system? There are times when sifap shy can not be viewed negatively, the proof tops are sensitive and well know they shy underneath is not it?

"Those who have a shy character just need to focus on utilizing the advantages, instead of cursing the shortcomings," - Laura Graves O'Haver, researchers at LiveScience.

3. You are Shy is Friend Tells Exciting. You Will Hear More, Not Even Busy Commenting
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Shy people may rarely initiate a conversation. However, not many know that shy people can be just good company and fun. He will not interrupt a conversation or always wanted to comment. Usually, he just prefers silence to concentrate to hear and listen to what the interlocutor.

A Harvard study explains that children who are shy tend to have great empathy. They are usually very sensitive, have a great sense of empathy, and could be a good listener. In these studies demonstrated that shy children actually had more friends who can be loyal.

Well, as your boss or just a regular employee, not the loyal attitude of subordinates and colleagues is that you need? Loyal attitude and good relationships will create a solid team work. When a team can already solid, so any difficult challenges that come surely work can be completed.

4. He who Shy Maintaining Taste nature. Opinions of Others About Himself perceived and Demi Absorbed Self Improvement.
the views of others above himself would he think via

One of the reasons why people shy uncomfortable in a social environment is their concern for other people's views on him. There is a feeling of fear or even insecure when I had to meet and hang out with a lot of people.

Too concerned about the views or opinions of others can be bad. Fear and not confident it will melemahkanmu. However, choosing silence while doing devotions could be the best way to grow and develop into a better person.

"Know yourself and think about the opinion of those about you, then sooner or later you'll try to improve myself and become a better person."
When people feel insecure and assumptions about you continue to haunt, you can actually make it as motivation. For example, because not want to be lazy, you chose to come to work early. Not wanting to be judged not competent, then you will be a lot to learn and inquire about your duties to the more experienced colleagues. Because attitude is too concerned with the notion of people, you are even more often introspkesi themselves. Look into yourself before judging or judgmental ways other people treat you.

5. Looks Shaky, Nail Biting, Or Wiggle Hands and Feet Not Always Mean Being Restless. They Can Be Quite Medium Thinking Hard
when agitated, they actually thought via

You are shy may often be seen shaking, sudden cold hands, to the feet and hands were incessant digerak gerakkan.Tapi, whether this behavior shows that you're anxious or uncomfortable? Not necessarily. According to the theory of neurology, habits do shy people may be related to their thought processes.

Karen Pine, a psychologist and researcher of human gestures from the University of Hertfordshire, explained that the practice of moving the hands or feet associated with cognitive processes. When someone is seriously thinking means they experience excessive cognitive processes. Thus, most of the energy will be channeled through the motions. Although not the final results of the study, but these movements are clearly related to the ways in which people shy bridge between thoughts and their expression.

6. Maybe They Not So Much Do Interaction. However, There Valuable Meaning in every relationship that They Live.
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Shy attitude often linked with an introverted personality. In fact, the two are not the same. Shy was innate, while the introvert can be affected by many things as a person's growth period.

Susan Cain, whose work was published in the New York Times asserted that shy people are victims. When cultures labeled as shy attitude deficiency and even disease, the more that believe that people with a shy character should be underestimated.

"People are shy or introverted they may be very sensitive so we must be careful to face them. But, that does not mean they are not normal. Shyness, which is generally regarded as a lack of it can be advantages that make them valuable. "
Unfortunately, research conducted Susan Cain actually shows how the social environment does not favor those who are shy character. They remain positioned lower than those with extroverted personality.

A school in the US for example, the children will be judged on how active they are currently working in groups or currently attend classes. This method was considered not consider shy children are indeed minimal ability to interact. In fact, behind the shyness, and the option to not talk much, you are shy it has a lot of advantages to be proud of. In addition, the "prudence" they are shy to interact also have another meaning: when they decide to run a relationship, it must have a special relationship.

Are you among those with a shy character? If so, do not be discouraged. Shy character who responded positively can actually bring you to success!

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